The following are the Five Top Reasons to Invest, Make Costa Rica your second home, and Retire in Costa Rica

Five Top Reasons To Invest in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica has enjoyed one of the most democratic and stable governments in Latin America for many years.
  • Stability in the government and outside investments has helped to maintain a solid economy and stable currency.
  • Proximity to major U. S. Cities, International Banking and having three International Airports gives investors easy accessibility.
  • Cultural emphasis on family and friends, high life expectance and low cost retirement and excellent affordable health care.
  • Costa Rica has one of the most attractive investment environments in Latin America. Capital gain taxes are 0%.

Five Top Reasons To Make Costa Rica Your Second Home

  • Violent crimes are minimal and drug wars are nonexistent which is a major factor for people coming to Costa Rica.
  • Its relaxed and laid back life style, when learned, leads for a more enjoyable and friendly environment.
  • Voted one of the most beautiful adventure tourist spots in the world by several leading adventure and travel writers and publications, Costa Rica offers hundreds of miles of stunning beaches, spectacular rain and cloud forests, majestic mountains and fast running rivers, awesome volcanoes and wild life and fauna in abundance.
  • Due to a continual strong economy, prices of real estate have risen 300% in the last 10 years. The World Bank has stated that ? Costa Rica has one of the most stable and robust? democracies and economy in Latin America.
  • There are significant advantages when buying a home in Costa Rica. The government encourages investment and red tape is minimal.

Five Top Reasons To Retire In Costa Rica

  • Retirement dollars will go a long way in Costa Rica compared to most other places. The cost of goods and services are is among the lowest in the world.
  • Lack of stress is common in the Costa Rican lifestyle. This is a Caribbean culture that does not feel the need to rush. Isn?t this what retirement is all about?
  • Now is the time to invest in property in Costa Rica as it has been recognized internationally as a place to invest and retire and prices of property and homes will rise accordingly.
  • You will feel at home right away as there are more Americans and Europeans living in Costa Rica per capita than in any other country.
  • Immigration laws are not complicated and were made to encourage people to settle in Costa Rica.

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