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The Following are Helpful links to answer questions about moving,shipping to Costa Rica and retirement tours in Costa Rica"

Questions About Shipping your Goods To Costa Rica?

What should I bring? What shouldn't I bring? Is there anything that I absolutely won't be able to find once i get there?

.These are just a few of the many typical questions that are asked by those that are contemplating the move to a foreign country, and we'd like to put you in touch with someone that has helped many of us with these and other questions concerning shipping your housewares and cars to Costa Rica.


Her name is Arden Brink and she can be reached at:


Who can I contact about providing Special Services like transportation and tours?

Let us put you in contact with two personal friends of ours, Paul and Gloria Yeatman, whom we highly recommend, that can help you with anything from arranging your transportaion needs that accomadates your schedule to helping you set up personable tours during your stay in Costa Rica. Plus they have a vast array of personable experience they love share on their website about their move to Costa Rica.


Where can I go to find the most current Costa Rican News?

Being the gringos that we are, we like to keep up what's going on and fortunately we have many resources to check out online and are available in print, but here are a couple of our favorites:.



Are there any English speaking Churhes in the area to worship?

We are so glad to be able to say "Yes indeed!" There is an excellent missionary Church called Pura Vida Ministrries. They nondenominational and has both a dynamic pastor and pastor intern.



What about any Social Networking among the gringos living here?

There is a newsworthy newsletter that is posted online frequently that keeps the gringo communiuty informed of upcoming gatherings and events in the San Ramon and surrounding area. It's a great way to meet fellow gringos and newcomers to the area.

Also, the following website covers events that are happening thoughout. the entire country.



Stay Tuned....More to come!



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